City Survey Rewards
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We are happy to provide you with a wide variety of rewards conveniently packaged in your Folio Reward Catalog™. You may preview these Folios to view the variety of rewards that await you.

What is a Folio? A Folio is simply an electronic catalog of rewards that allows you to select the item of your choice. Utilizing the Folio technology, you are able to redeem your points by selecting your favorite item from a wide variety of collections. Each of these terriffic rewards has been conveniently grouped into Folios at different point levels.

Redeeming your points for a Folio reward is quick and easy!

  1. From the "Redeem My Points" page, use the "View" button to preview the items available in each Folio.
  2. When you are ready to redeem, use the "Redeem" button to select a Folio.
  3. Choose an item, then click to select the item.
  4. Enter your mailing information, and it's on the way, free of charge to you!

You can have your gift delivered to your home, your office, or even to someone else as a gift.

Take as much time as you need to make your decision. View one or all of the Folios currently redeemable with your point balance or view Folios at higher point levels. Select today or save your points for a future date. It is entirely up to you.

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